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A modern American dessert tasting party


The dessert tasting room will bring Durham a dining experience that not only satisfies the palate but fosters connection and creates lasting memories. For the dessert tasting menus we will create desserts that are nostalgic but with a modern twist and to experiment with unusual but complementary flavor combinations.

Tasting Menus

MATTA offers six-course tasting menu events that begin with a light savory course, move into savory and sweet, and showcase our passion for desserts. Each course has an optional wine pairing. The concept — part dinner party, part communal dining experience. It is a great way to celebrate an engagement, rehearsal dinner, birthday, or bridal shower. What better way to bring together the people you love than this unique dining experience. Please contact us at for more information. 

Thank you for thinking of us for your special event. We look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Menu & Format

Each dessert tasting event will seat approximately 20 guests and is comprised of a 6 course tasting menu, with an optional wine pairing. Seating is communal— inviting guests to engage with one another while enjoying fun, innovative, refined and whimsical desserts. All guests will be served each course at the same time and our chefs will introduce each course and describe the concept behind the dishes. There is lots of opportunity for interaction not only with one another at the table but with the chefs. We enjoy talking about our craft and educating others about what we do, so please ask us any questions!


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Menus are seasonal and will be created around a theme. Interested? Here are previous sample menu's for you to see how it may taste. Dessert tasting menu will be offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. 


Tickets will go on sale for entire month at the beginning of each month. We will announce ticket sales via Facebook and Instagram and those on our mailing list will be sent an email on the day of the sale, so sign up to get first notification! Similar to a buying a ticket to a concert, baseball game, or movie, tickets will be nonrefundable, but are transferable to other people.

If you love food and have a sweet tooth, the dessert room presents a fun opportunity to enjoy delicious and beautifully presented desserts while witnessing the magic of passionate and dedicated chefs.

Questions about our tasting room events? Visit our FAQ page or feel free to write us an email




All guests will be served each course at the same time and our chefs will introduce each course and describe the concept behind the dishes.